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Intelli-Hitch News Release 15 June, 2015 For Immediate Distribution


Intelli-Hitch now based in Amarillo, Texas

Intelli-Hitch, L.L.C. announces the move of the best brake controller – the Intelli-Hitch™ manufacturing operations to Amarillo, Texas.

Who’s the best brake controller – The list of trailer brake controls is as long and complex as the Amazon. With thousands of opinions, tests, and testaments, we believe that the best controller is the one that does the best at braking -and- adds value for the customer.  By embedding the controls into the hitch, we’ve given our customer the first portable, proportional, intelligent hitch that can be instantly moved between tow vehicles.

Added features like robust framework, exceptional height adjustment and reversing schemas are standard with Intelli-Hitch.  Subtract shop installation & costs, time, and the loss of the system when the vehicle trades in and you have not just value – it’s long-term value.

 The Intelli-Hitch company is looking forward to leading in great advancements in trailer braking technologies – and some other cool upcoming products! With the organization of Intelli-Hitch, L.L.C. comes a group of directors having years of extensive experience in trailer design, comprehensive product development, intellectual properties, silicon component design (microcircuits) , and product & media production commonly joined by the interest in the developing innovative technologies, setting the stage for Intelli-Hitch, L.L.C. to be the most innovative and sought after intellectual properties involving trailer braking technologies. Dedicated to development of the technology, the Intelli-Hitch company is positioned to set new standards in advanced proportional and portable brake control systems.

The Intelli-Hitch Rev 1.2 Product:

A quantum leap ahead of manual surge brakes, the flagship product, the Rev 1.2 Intelli-Hitch, IH-2.0™ product is distributor, builder, and user-ready.  The product kit includes everything needed to support 2″ receivers, including two complete ball mounts having 2″ and 2-5/16″ balls, hitch with embedded controller, instructions, and even the lubricant required for the hitch;  an “In-every-box”™ solution.

Implementing Intelli-Hitch’s proprietary Tow Position Sensor™ (“TPS”) and Tow Direction Sensing™ (“TDS”), the product offers proportional braking control requiring no user intervention, adjustments, or fuss, with complete portability between trailers and tow vehicles – challenging the most comprehensive, advanced systems on the market at a fraction of the cost.  Braking adjustment is dynamically self-biasing as Intelli-Hitch constantly monitors the relationship between the trailer and the tow vehicle. No buttons, switches, or fuss – Just seamless, comprehensive proportional braking!

Intelli-Hitch charters new methods for reverse!  With expanded software platforms for comprehensive towing and specialized reversing schemas even incorporating a “Slope Hold” feature that assists in backing on downward-sloping hills & ramps, the product far surpasses conventional surge brakes and in-cab controls.

Another first in trailer hitches is the Intelli-Hitch push/pull suspension. Simply, it’s an internal series of shock absorbers designed to take lots of the resonant vibration and clank out of your trailer pulling experience.

Intelli-Hitch is shipping now and welcomes new distributors. We’re proud of our relationships with our customers & users!